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Featured in the Antelope Valley Press - December 9th, 2013

Maribel's Cafe & Bakery




Cakes, pastries, tamales & pupusas




Location #1 - 44205 20th Street West - (661) 942-4969

BLVD - 706 West Lancaster Blvd. #101 - (661) 942-1611






Maribel's Bakery, a longtime Lancaster fixture, has expanded and opened a

second location on The BLVD. in late October. Answers to the following

questions were provided by Nick Parada, manager of the Lancaster Boulevard

location and from the company's website.


What's the nature of your business?


Maribel's Bakery was originally founded and established in 1993 by Maribel

Parada. We have been serving cakes, cupcakes, pastries and desserts of all

kinds including Cannolis, eclairs, cream puffs, muffins, strudels, bread

pudding, cheesecake and coffee cake.


Not only are we famous for our delicious sweet treats, but we also serve

savory traditional Mexican and Salvadorian dishes such as pupusas, tamales,

empanadas, tacos and burritos.


What was the process in expanding your business like?


We had known about the boulevard for a while and knew it was up and coming.

We emailed an associate at Insight Development to see if there was anything

on the boulevard in terms of available retail space. We knew We needed some

funding for it, so we were able to apply for and receive a loan through the

"Spice Up Lancaster" program earlier this year.


How has business been since you expanded?


We opened on October 25, just in time for the BooLVD Halloween and Harvest

Festival. We rushed to be open that date and we didn't even have some of our

cases installed yet, but we had a line out the door for three hours.


Since the opening, a lot of people recognize us and it's been a great thing

for us. We're excited about being here and it feels like this is the

beginning of the future.


Is there a hidden gem in your business?


A lot of people know us as a bakery and come for cakes and baked goods, but

we also have food like tamales and papusas that we're proud of. Part of why

we wanted to open a location on the boulevard was to let people come in and

enjoy an eating space for these items.


What is your small business philosophy?


Everybody fails to some extent in any business they do, but we want to keep

achieving goals and we have achieved the goal of a second location with our

expansion to the boulevard location.


What is your philosophy on customer service?


When we go to different places, we appreciate it when we are helped by

people who are friendly and nice. There's a lot of places today where that

kind of customer service isn't valued. We spend a lot of time and investment

in building our customer base, so why would we want to give them poor

service? Customers to me are so valuable because if they have a good

experience, they will want to come back or tell their friends about our



What are your biggest rewards?


Our biggest reward is in our potential to grow the business. We see

opportunities to expand further, whether it be to open another location or

even open a full-service restaurant. The boulevard location has allowed for

more of an open door and we saw an opportunity and we made the most of that



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